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Quick and professional emergency opening of locks can be required for a number of reasons such as stolen or lost keys, jammed lock, key breakage inside the cylinder and more. Emergencies get in a way unexpectedly and prevent us from fulfilling our plans for the day. It is an unpleasant experience when you can’t leave for work on time because your door won’t lock. One can be frustrated even more if he is locked out of the house after the late-night shift because of a front door lock malfunction.

Some locked out homeowners resort to such a radical action as breaking their door for gaining access to a property. There are also funny incidents when the owner finds himself in trouble with vigilant neighbours or even law enforcement agencies when trying to get inside through the window. Fortunately, our local Leeds locksmith crew is nearby and always ready to help in a lockout situation.


broken frame as the result of unqualified work

All force majeure situations can be resolved quickly without material and moral damage by calling a locksmith. If you are locked out, do not succumb to despair and give in to the initial impulse – brute force door opening. Afterwards, you are likely to regret such a hasty decision looking at a dent on your metal door, broken lock or handle. Unnecessary problems can be avoided if you turn for help to a qualified locksmith.

At least once in a lifetime, most of us have been locked out due to faulty door hardware, loss of keys, damage or malfunction of a lock. You just need to contact our local locksmith service which specializes in working with all kinds of locks and performs the professional opening of locks. We are a 24/7 locksmith crew with extensive experience that implements non-destructive methods to unlock door mechanisms.


Locksmiths can assist you whether it’s the apartment door, safe or car that needs to be opened. Our deep knowledge of various locking mechanisms such as the lever, mortise, coded, cylinder, deadbolt and other types, allows us to open them in minutes. Emergency services cost a lot less money than replacing broken glass, restoring a damaged lock or buying a new safe after independent attempts to solve the problem. You lose nothing by calling locksmiths because the advice is always free! Our mobile locksmith units are ready to drive out to any location within the city for assisting locked out residents.


damage-free opening

Save our contacts even if you have not yet encountered the need for opening your car or safe without keys; it will come in handy in the future sparing you the trouble of looking for help when you are locked out and every second counts. Locksmiths can open the front door to your house or office without unnecessary material losses. We provide a full range of locksmith services including the damage-free opening of locked home or business premises, car lockouts assistance, repair of lock models approved to the British Standard BS3621, installation of high security home locking systems in metal, wooden and plastic doors, etc.

We are continuously updating our theoretical base because manufacturers of burglar-resistant and high-strength lock models with various protection levels introduce new products on the market each year. Our locksmith crew stays up to date with all the novelties in the world of locks, improved mechanisms and other technical innovations. During the lock opening without keys, locksmiths act exclusively on the locking mechanism avoiding damage to the door.


If you are locked out, the usual procedure for opening door locks involves several steps in the following sequence:

  • Locksmith performs a thorough inspection of your lock.
  • Selects a suitable method for the lock opening.
  • Carefully opens the lock.
  • Lastly, our locksmith ensures that your premises are adequately protected.

It should be remembered that contacting a professional locksmith is the best choice when locked out due to the key loss. An alternative solution is breaking your lock, which compromises the security of your house and entails additional cost associated with the repairs. Only experienced locksmith can guarantee quick and accurate opening, be it an office or house.


It is in your best interests to avoid any attempts at manipulating a broken lock. You are only likely to aggravate the situation. The locksmith can determine the cause of a malfunction, and if technically possible, repair it on site. Otherwise, he will proceed with the door opening and preserve its structural integrity, as well as appearance.

Local locksmith crew is available 24 hours a day including weekends and holidays. We have mobile units staged throughout the city, allowing us to arrive at any location within 20 minutes! Each locksmith carries a full set of professional-grade equipment, high-quality spare parts and a large selection of advanced mechanisms so that the broken lock can be opened and replaced on the same visit to your house. As a rule, our clients want the order to be executed promptly, efficiently, cheaply, and accurately; compliance with all these requirements is an important aspect of our locksmith company’s work.


A broken key can cause rather serious problems if it’s not possible to remove fragments. It may snap due to various reasons:

  • Wear of the lock.
  • Foreign objects in the keyhole.
  • An error such as a partially inserted key.
  • An attempt to turn a stuck key using a hammer, pliers, etc.
  • Key made from poor quality materials.
  • Factory defects.

Most often, key snaps due to careless use when a person is in a hurry. Such a situation can get one by surprise. We advise you against trying to remove fragments on your own, so as not to damage the lock. A qualified locksmith can save you time, money and nerves.


Vandalism, wear of the lock, keyhole contamination, keys loss, breakage or theft are all objectively critical situations that require an immediate and adequate response from the owner. Unfortunately, some locked out residents try to solve the problem without thinking by aggressively drilling the locks, breaking down the doors, knocking out their windows, etc. As a result of such actions, the owner causes irreparable damage to the structure, compromises the hardware’s functionality, and incurs financial losses. At the same time, the house becomes accessible to intruders while the owner purchases the necessary materials to restore the locking devices. Some breakdowns can be repaired in five minutes; others are difficult to detect for a non-professional.


  1. Get inside through the neighbours’ balcony. It is better to dismiss this idea right away, especially if the apartment is on a high floor. Such attempts end well only in movies; in real life, it may result in a tragic incident.
  2. Disassemble the lock using tools at hand. If you have locks that can be easily opened with the help of improvised means, we recommend changing them immediately. Fortunately, most modern locking mechanisms can’t be opened without professional-grade tools. Otherwise, it would be hard to say that your house is secure.
  3. Break down the door. Such advice is easy to give if the house is not yours. But the idea will not seem sensible if the door was installed a month ago and cost you a pretty penny.
  4. Call the locksmiths. If you left the key in a lock on the inside of the door and it has slammed shut, there is only one solution to open it quickly and carefully, without damaging the structure and disrupting the hardware’s correct operation. You will get the best possible outcome by contacting local locksmiths in Leeds. We assist locked out residents to enter the premises with minimal damage, costs and loss of time.


At the most unexpected moment, you may encounter such a nuisance as a stuck key in the locking mechanism leaving you locked out of the building. No one is immune from such a situation, be it an expensive brand or budget model. There may be several reasons:

  • Damage caused by using a key as a lever or screwdriver can lead to its deformation.
  • Excessive rotating force alters the geometry of a low-quality product.
  • Corrosion can take over quickly due to a lack of maintenance and high humidity conditions.
  • An attempt to open a locking device with a master key.
  • Debris, glue, foreign objects inside the mechanism.
  • Skewing or sagging of a structure.

Do not try to pull a stuck key out with the use of brute force; you may end up breaking it, thus aggravating the situation. Of course, the simplest and most correct solution is to contact a locksmith who can quickly remove it.


A complete replacement of a locking device or its cylinder is highly recommended in a case of confirmed keys loss. The new locking mechanism will save you from the worries that someone may burglarize the house after getting a hold of your loss. If you have lost the last copy and there is no one in the house to let you inside, you may have to break down the doors. An alternative is to call professional locksmiths who can carefully open your locking device. The latter option is much more sensible because by resorting to the assistance of an experienced locksmith, you prevent unnecessary damages, thus saving your hard-earned money. Also, you won’t have to spend money on the purchase of new equipment required for door opening and spend time going to the store.


  • The first option is to call a taxi and go home for spare keys. If this is not possible, the best solution is to contact an auto locksmith from a dedicated service. Usually, locksmiths arrive no later than 30-40 minutes after the call. In exceptional cases, if there is a threat to a person’s well-being, we can make your order a priority and arrive even faster.
  • If you have misplaced an original copy with a chip, then you should not wait for the likely loss of a duplicate. A few years ago, the keys duplication could only be ordered from an authorized dealer; nowadays, individually for you, the duplicates can be made by the locksmith service specialists.
  • If you are unsure where you’ve lost the original copy, you should report to the police and leave your car only in guarded places for maximum protection from theft.


Safe locks are not very different from other locking mechanisms in the principle of operation. Their opening methods are in many ways similar to door devices. Therefore, attempts to open the locking mechanism using a screwdriver or knife can only further aggravate the situation. One option is to contact the company from which you purchased the safe. However, they are not particularly distinguished by the speed of service. If the long wait does not suit you, again, the most optimal option is to contact a locksmith. We are well familiar with all the features of safe locking mechanisms and can make duplicate keys. To speed up the process, please prepare the documents proving your ownership of the safe before the arrival of our locksmith.


After the locksmith gains entry to locked premises, the best course of action is to replace individual parts that have become unusable or reinstall the locking system. In the first case, it is necessary to completely disassemble the locks and change individual functional parts; in the second, dismantle the old locking device and install a new one. Remember, you should contact professional locksmiths in Leeds if you don’t have experience with locking systems. Doing so saves time, effort and protects the hardware from unintentional damage, which you can cause in an attempt to resolve the situation on your own.


Our locksmith crew assists locked out residents with minimal damage to their property during the mechanism opening. Modern equipment allows us to provide quick and reliable service in lockouts. Among our inventory are both universal “old-fashioned” equipment for opening products with a simple locking mechanism, and high-tech devices for opening metal doors with several types of complex systems. In each case, we use various technologies and correct technique for non-destructive opening. Simple locking mechanisms can be opened in a few minutes using a primitive pick. Combination of complex, different methods may be required to open a mechanism with a new type of protection, including digital technology. Damage-free opening of metal structures requires extensive experience, practical skills and tenacity.


We guarantee the performance of work in full compliance with the industry standards; this means non to minimal damage to coating, fittings, frame, hinges, handles and other structural elements, as well as the speed and professionalism of our locksmiths. It is within our power to open the most advanced locking devices on the market.  Considering the replacement costs of broken locks, handles and hinges, most owners are looking to minimize damages during the opening, and that’s when our locksmith crew comes to play.


Depending on the case, the door opening by the locksmith can take from ten minutes to one and a half hours. It is more challenging to open a high-security, modern 5-lever device with an armoured plate, or a complex crab system that has lateral three-pin deviators than an ordinary mortise lock. In most cases, we are able to unlock the mechanisms implementing high-tech, intelligent methods without resorting to the use of brute force. Our assortment for intelligent opening includes equipment of varying complexity which is hardly found in other locksmith companies. We do everything possible to avoid such barbaric practices as breaking down doors, cutting off hinges, bending metal with a crowbar and other rough methods. We can be at your place in as little as 20 minutes depending on the traffic conditions.


  • Cross mechanisms. The cross locking device has at its base a rotary disc (rotor), which is equipped with the so-called cam. Rotating together, they move the bolt. The cruciform design in the rotor’s core is created by special pins that have springs allowing the cruciform key to move the pins from the centre when the mechanism is being opened. In most cases, such a locking mechanism can be opened using a similar Philips screwdriver, which cuts off the soft pins with little force from the locksmith.
  • Cylinders. This type of locking mechanism can be opened by first removing the outer case with pliers. Then, the cylinder disks are knocked out, and the mechanism is opened using a screwdriver. Knocking out the entire cylinder is a more radical method used in cases when time is an issue. Such a method, unfortunately, renders the locking device unusable. Modern models of cylinders have an increased level of burglary protection. Drilling out the cylinder while removing the pin springs is another method. The simpler the cylinder device, the faster our locksmith can open it.
  • Levers. Strong cylindrical bolts and a lever system provide a high degree of reliability, so opening such locking systems is always a challenge. Various models offer different levels of burglary protection, including a code panel. Levers are plates with specific cut-outs that move the support post, pushing the bolt with each turn of the key. Such products are usually protected by an armour plate, and it can prove difficult to open them even for professional locksmiths. The support post must be drilled according to a template before opening.
  • Rack and pinion devices have two handles, thick rectangular bolts and a system of springs that push the bolts back when pressed. They can be opened using a flexible wire, which is thrown over the handles and then pulled.


Bumping is a popular way to open pin-type mechanisms. For this method, locksmiths use a bump gun – a device that resembles a small pistol. The bump-gun is matched with attachments that imitate keys with various cut-outs in many combinations. The locksmith inserts it into the cylinder and applies several precise blows to the instrument which cause the pins inside to arrange in the desired combination disengaging the locking device.

As you may have guessed, a master key is an old and effective tool which can open many mechanism types, including those installed in metal structures without additional protection. High-quality locking systems require the implementation of a complex set of measures and more time to open. We know many simple and advanced opening methods. Damage-free opening of reinforced structures can only be guaranteed by a qualified locksmith with practical experience in the field.


We do not recommend making any attempts to gain entry on your own; for lack of proper qualifications and experience, you are likely to cause additional damage, thereby complicating the task for our locksmith and increasing the costs. Trust the professionals to solve any lock related issue. We provide assistance around the clock, with locksmith call out to any place in Leeds and the surrounding areas. You can request our specialist or even a whole crew to access your locked garage, car, safe or office. Experienced locksmiths can open sophisticated locking mechanisms, including electronic models.


Quick opening of plastic profiles can be required for various reasons. The owners of premises equipped with lightweight and visually attractive uPVC structures turn to the professional locksmiths for assistance with opening locked buildings without causing damage; we have been working in this field for over 10 years. Our crew has gained invaluable experience in opening plastic profiles of commercial and residential premises. Call us at any time for free advice. The manager will be happy to answer all your questions regarding our service such as current prices, the types of locking mechanisms we open, provision of guarantees, etc. You can schedule an appointment or request an immediate master call out.


uPVC broken handle replacement

The resident can be locked out of premises due to many reasons such as loss of keys, mechanism breakdown, burglary attempt, etc. Previous poor quality installation of a locking device can also lead to the inability to open it. If you are locked out, the last thing you should try is attempting to resolve the situation on your own with the help of improvised means. Contact our local locksmith crew for opening a plastic profile without damage. We can be at your place in 20 minutes! The specialist will arrive ready to fix plastic profile locking systems in one visit.


Work with uPVC profiles is associated with a set of specific measures. The vulnerability of the material determines the complexity of the process; the specialist must be delicate and extremely careful in order to prevent unnecessary damage. There are many locking and rotary fittings on plastic products, which are easy to break. We strive to achieve the best possible results under any circumstances and guarantee further trouble-free operation of the locking device. Replacement of fittings is relatively inexpensive, but then the client has to spend valuable time and additional money. Over the years, we have perfected non-destructive opening techniques and studied a variety of design features of modern plastic profiles.


If you are locked out of the garage, we will help you make it on time to your work, flight, or an important meeting; just give us a call the moment you start experiencing problems with the locking system. The dispatcher will route the closest master to your place; we work in shifts, around the clock, so someone is always available in your location. Remember, if you manipulate locks prior to specialist’s arrival, there is a good chance that you’ll end up complicating the job for him.


The locking device may fail due to severe wear of the parts, sudden breakage, or an unsuccessful attempt at the unauthorized opening. The moisture from rain or snow can also render locks inoperable. After the opening, the owner may decide to install a new mechanism. In the event of minor damage, parts can be simply changed, leaving the structure in place. If the locking system’s resource is exhausted, it is recommended to replace it with a similar model on the spot. Whatever you choose, we can complete all the tasks on the same visit.


We are often approached by clients who have had the experience of dealing with specialists from other companies in the area. There are a lot of complaints about their work regarding the opening methods, installation of the new hardware, arrival time and prices. We open garages using professional equipment. The integrity of the structure is never compromised. You won’t have to pay for costly repairs after the work of our experienced locksmith crew. We are also in a partnership with many leading manufacturers of locking systems, which allows us to keep the service prices at the lowest level in Leeds. All the details are always agreed upon with the client. You will be notified immediately should there arise any unforeseen problems. We take full responsibility for all work performed.


We managed to gain a good reputation among our clients, first of all, due to the quality of work. Our crew performs a quick and highly technical opening of metal, plastic and wooden doors without damage! By contacting us, you get a guaranteed damage-free opening without unpleasant consequences. Modern locking systems have reached a fundamentally new quality level. They have become more complex and reliable. However, even the most high-tech device in a bank vault can break, not to mention household counterparts.


opened by smashing with a hammer

Our door opening service has nothing to do with criminal activity. It aims to help people who can’t open a lock in an office, country house or garage for one reason or another. An unforeseen situation is always accompanied by some inconveniences that make us jump to conclusions. Lack of time may be the reason for turning to a neighbour who has a grinder, pry bar and other construction equipment. However, independent opening attempts, at best, will cause the lock to break. In a worst-case scenario, you are looking at costly repairs of a door, frame or even walls.

An alternative is contacting the Fire Brigade. Naturally, experienced rescuers will open your door in seconds. But they only respond if there is an immediate danger to a locked out person’s life or well-being. You should also know that keeping your valuables intact won’t be their priority, and you’ll have to pay for the repair or replacement of a locking system. Contact a professional locksmith if you are locked out, and want to get out of the situation with minimal financial losses. Our average arrival time is 20 minutes, and the opening usually takes no more than 10 minutes, so you can count on us when the time is an issue. In 96 % of cases, we can fully preserve the correct functionality of a locking device; you avoid unnecessary spending, in addition to keeping your house secure at all times.


We value our reputation, which directly depends on the trust of our clients. We do our best to ensure that everyone is satisfied with the quality of performed work. By turning to us, you can count on the following benefits:

non-destructive opening
  • An impressive warranty period.
  • Round-the-clock availability, including weekends and holidays.
  • Prompt response to emergencies.
  • Use of modern equipment and high-quality consumables.

The advice on making your home more secure is always free. We guarantee each client full confidentiality. Our mission is to provide you with professional solutions at affordable and reasonable prices.


Q: What areas do you cover?

A: At the moment, we serve the residents of Leeds, Bradford, Sheffield and Manchester. Our locksmiths can come to more remote areas depending on traffic conditions and urgency of the call. We are also working on the hiring and training specialists to serve other cities that we do not yet cover.

Q: How can I request a locksmith call out?

A: You just need to call 02039 856060. The dispatcher will ask several questions regarding the locks installed on your door; this information is then given to the locksmith so he can prepare for the job. The closest available specialist will contact you within a few minutes after you call us.

Q: How long do I have to wait for the master to arrive?

A: Our arrival time to any location in Leeds and the surrounding areas averages 20 minutes. A lot depends on traffic and weather conditions. There are times when the specialist is right in your block, only a walking distance away. In any case, we will contact you by phone and specify the time of arrival.

Q: What is the cost of a lock opening?

A: The prices range from £75 to £200. It all depends on the lock that needs to be opened. Locks differ in quality and level of burglary resistance, hence the difference in prices. All prices can be viewed on this page. By the way, unlike most competitors, we have a maximum price bar. In 70% of cases, it does not rise above £100.

Q: How much does it cost to change locks?

A: The prices start from £200 for replacing a cylinder and £80 for replacing a lock; the costs can go up to several hundred pounds. Our prices are indicated with replaceable materials. You won’t have to spend any additional money; the specialist will take care of everything.

Q: Where do your prices come from?

A: The prices include several components such as spending on gasoline, car maintenance, communications, equipment, spare parts and locks. The time spent on work is also not free. Most importantly, the master takes money for the provision of services that require expert knowledge and practical skills.

Q: Do you give any guarantees for the work performed?

A: Yes, of course. Although we do not make locking systems, our company actively cooperates with the leading manufacturers. We provide a guarantee for all products that we purchase and install. There are a few models for which we do not give guarantees, but offer a high-quality alternative for installation. The master will inform you of such cases.

Q: Can we be sure that the master indeed installs a high-quality lock?

A: The answer is a definite, yes! After completing the work, our specialist will leave his business card and answer your call whenever you need him. We guarantee all types of work performed, whether it’s the door lock opening or replacement. It means that we will eliminate any malfunctions caused by our fault.

Q: Do you work with both individuals and legal entities?

A: We work with everyone. For mutual settlements with legal entities, we have an officially registered company. We are ready to consider the possibility of long-term cooperation with organizations if they need our services.

Q: Do I need to provide proof of ownership to a locksmith?

A: Yes, you need to provide documents confirming your ownership of the object before opening it. We work strictly within the framework of the law and do not want to by accident assist criminals in entering someone’s premises. A few examples of ownership proof are a driver’s license with your address, car title or mail addressed to you. If you are locked out of a rented house, you will need a letter of authorization and proof of ownership for the listed owner. Otherwise, we require the presence of a neighbour or police officer.

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    Louis Williams
    Louis Williams
    I’m glad that I’ve found this company. Their locksmith arrived quickly and opened 2 locks in a matter of minutes. I thought my locks were reliable, but the locksmith proved me wrong. I consulted with him on the range of high-security locking devices and chose one. It was installed without reworking the door for which I'm very grateful. Hope anyone who calls them has the same positive experience.
    Chloe Shah
    Chloe Shah
    I have already contacted this company twice and never had any problems! Many thanks to Tony and Daniel. The consultation was free. They did everything very carefully and offered a huge selection of locks! I was very pleased with their punctuality and work ethics. It only took them 20 minutes to arrive at my place. I wish you success and prosperity!
    Mauricio Norvell
    Mauricio Norvell
    I ordered an emergency door opening service from local Leeds locksmith. We waited about 20 minutes for locksmith’s arrival. The opening itself took him only 15 minutes. David opened the lock with minimal damage, and the door itself remained completely intact. It cost a few pounds to repair the lock after opening; we went with his recommendations, as it was much cheaper than buying a new lock. This company inspires confidence
    Long Merchant
    Long Merchant
    Someone filled my door lock with glue, and it had to be changed. Oliver arrived in 30 minutes and changed the lock in just 5 minutes. He also advised me to replace my locks with more secure models, for which I am very grateful. The cost for the lock itself and for all the work was very affordable. If necessary, now I know whom to call in case of a problem with locks. Many thanks to this great staff.
    Angelina  Matthews
    Angelina Matthews
    These guys have a great selection of locks. The locksmith replaced one in my apartment door. He installed a new lock of the same dimensions as the old one, so the door didn’t have to be reworked
    Kimberly Lynn
    Kimberly Lynn
    Nice to have them nearby. Otherwise, I would have stood out in the cold a lot longer than just 25 minutes it took for the locksmith to drive out to my house and open the door. I’m very grateful for the fast response.
    Martha E Villarreal
    Martha E Villarreal
    Called them to install an additional lock on my front door. The manager familiarized me with different models, and we scheduled an appointment. So far, everything is working perfectly
    Thomasine Lambert
    Thomasine Lambert
    We needed to fix the lock or change it quickly. My wife and I realized it right before leaving for vacation, with 3 hours remaining until the flight. I called several companies, many of them refused, others couldn’t come on such short notice. This company responded promptly and politely. An hour later, locksmith Jacob was already at my place. He performed the lock replacement fast and gave qualified advice. Thank you very much! It's nice to know that there are such professionals nearby whom I can rely on.
    Aidan Randall
    Aidan Randall
    This company helped me out after my purse was stolen, which contained keys to the apartment. Fortunately, they were able to open my door without any problems in less than 20 minutes. For security reasons, I decided to replace locks after an emergency opening. The locksmith did that as well on the same visit. Overall, I had a great experience and recommend them to anyone in a similar situation.
    Mans Yand
    Mans Yand
    I've dealt with these guys on a few occasions. Great service every time. Customer support throughout the whole process. Once, I was concerned about the reliability of my locks against picking. Called this company for consultation. Their manager familiarized me with different security systems on the market, and we scheduled an appointment. A specialist was at my place right on time. After changing the door locks, he gave me tips on maintenance and care. Everything works flawlessly. I hope others will have the same experience.