Lock Installation

Lock Installation

  • 30 Minute Response Time
  • Non-destructive Emergency Entry
  • 24/7 Emergency Call Out
  • Checked & Vetted Locksmith

There have been improvements in lock technology over recent years. If you’re planning fresh lock installation in Leeds it makes sense to check out the increased range of options available. For impartial advice, followed by professional fitting, you won’t beat our service.

Fitting of Any Kind of Lock

Different locks are suited for different locations and needs. Leeds Locksmiths professionals advise on and fit any of the following, and far more besides:

  • Five-lever mortice deadlock – ideal for your front door
  • Key-operated multi-point locking systems – the industry standard for uPVC and composite doors
  • Rim automatic deadlatch with key-locking handle – To provide extra security when the door is locked from the inside
  • Euro lock cylinders – Another popular choice for certain front doors
  • Window locks, internal privacy locks, security chains and padlocks

Getting Your New Lock Installed

When you know exactly what you need, you’ll simply book a locksmith to come and do the work. On other occasions you might appreciate some advice from us:

  • Your technician will assess the door, window or other fitting that you need locks for
  • You’ll be asked about any requirements you have or any requests from your insurance company
  • Your budget will be taken into consideration
  • Locksmiths carry a range of common locks with them – unless you have very special needs, your work is completed in a single session

When you need multiple locks:

As a builder completing an apartment block or hotel refurbishment, or even as a householder seeking to improve security throughout a property there may be times when you need lots of locks fitted. It’s possible you may qualify for some reduction in our usual rates, so be sure to ask about this when you get in touch.

What You Can Rely on With Your Lock Installation:

  • Your work will always be completed by a fully qualified locksmith
  • Your technician will ensure your new locks comply with any specifications stated by your insurance company
  • Any products supplied by us comply with BS3621 requirements
  • Short-notice and same-day enquiries are welcome

Find Out More

  • Call us – our phone line is always staffed
  • Use the same number for general enquires, quote requests or to book your fresh lock installation in Leeds
  • Services are available seven days a week and appointment times are very flexible

    Fast reliable expert locksmiths in your area now!

    Louis Williams
    Louis Williams
    I’m glad that I’ve found this company. Their locksmith arrived quickly and opened 2 locks in a matter of minutes. I thought my locks were reliable, but the locksmith proved me wrong. I consulted with him on the range of high-security locking devices and chose one. It was installed without reworking the door for which I'm very grateful. Hope anyone who calls them has the same positive experience.
    Chloe Shah
    Chloe Shah
    I have already contacted this company twice and never had any problems! Many thanks to Tony and Daniel. The consultation was free. They did everything very carefully and offered a huge selection of locks! I was very pleased with their punctuality and work ethics. It only took them 20 minutes to arrive at my place. I wish you success and prosperity!
    Mauricio Norvell
    Mauricio Norvell
    I ordered an emergency door opening service from local Leeds locksmith. We waited about 20 minutes for locksmith’s arrival. The opening itself took him only 15 minutes. David opened the lock with minimal damage, and the door itself remained completely intact. It cost a few pounds to repair the lock after opening; we went with his recommendations, as it was much cheaper than buying a new lock. This company inspires confidence
    Long Merchant
    Long Merchant
    Someone filled my door lock with glue, and it had to be changed. Oliver arrived in 30 minutes and changed the lock in just 5 minutes. He also advised me to replace my locks with more secure models, for which I am very grateful. The cost for the lock itself and for all the work was very affordable. If necessary, now I know whom to call in case of a problem with locks. Many thanks to this great staff.
    Angelina  Matthews
    Angelina Matthews
    These guys have a great selection of locks. The locksmith replaced one in my apartment door. He installed a new lock of the same dimensions as the old one, so the door didn’t have to be reworked
    Kimberly Lynn
    Kimberly Lynn
    Nice to have them nearby. Otherwise, I would have stood out in the cold a lot longer than just 25 minutes it took for the locksmith to drive out to my house and open the door. I’m very grateful for the fast response.
    Martha E Villarreal
    Martha E Villarreal
    Called them to install an additional lock on my front door. The manager familiarized me with different models, and we scheduled an appointment. So far, everything is working perfectly
    Thomasine Lambert
    Thomasine Lambert
    We needed to fix the lock or change it quickly. My wife and I realized it right before leaving for vacation, with 3 hours remaining until the flight. I called several companies, many of them refused, others couldn’t come on such short notice. This company responded promptly and politely. An hour later, locksmith Jacob was already at my place. He performed the lock replacement fast and gave qualified advice. Thank you very much! It's nice to know that there are such professionals nearby whom I can rely on.
    Aidan Randall
    Aidan Randall
    This company helped me out after my purse was stolen, which contained keys to the apartment. Fortunately, they were able to open my door without any problems in less than 20 minutes. For security reasons, I decided to replace locks after an emergency opening. The locksmith did that as well on the same visit. Overall, I had a great experience and recommend them to anyone in a similar situation.
    Mans Yand
    Mans Yand
    I've dealt with these guys on a few occasions. Great service every time. Customer support throughout the whole process. Once, I was concerned about the reliability of my locks against picking. Called this company for consultation. Their manager familiarized me with different security systems on the market, and we scheduled an appointment. A specialist was at my place right on time. After changing the door locks, he gave me tips on maintenance and care. Everything works flawlessly. I hope others will have the same experience.