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Lock Change

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At some point, you may need to replace door locks. The need for a lock change arises for various reasons such as damage or breakdown of the lock cylinder, lost keys, an outdated design, etc. If your priority is the safety of home inhabitants, you should turn to the services of MLA approved locksmiths. Our company offers door lock replacement services in Leeds and the surrounding areas. A qualified locksmith will complete the task efficiently and in the shortest possible time.

Changing Your Locks the Smart Way

The type of lock has a great impact on the level of home protection; it could be a mortice deadlock, anti snap euro cylinder, rim lock, etc. Some insurance companies require door locks are fitted to BS 3621 British Standard. BS3621 models are thief-resistant locks tested to withstand forced entry attempts a certain amount of time. Master Locksmiths Association recommends using at least two different types of locks for best protection, for example, a night latch in tandem with a rim cylinder on a wooden door.

Why Call Locksmiths?

The result is not guaranteed if you attempt to replace your locks without the qualified assistance of locksmiths; changing locks requires specialized skills and knowledge. Another consideration is time. Working hours of most people do not allow for experiments with a new lock installation. Experienced locksmiths will change locks quickly, be it a patio door or garage door; the time it takes depends on the material (wooden door or UPVC door) and type of lock (euro lock cylinder, sash lock, etc.). If required, we’ll make sure that your replacement lock conforms to insurance standards.

Situations That Require Lock Change:

  • You need to change the door locks if keys have been lost or stolen.
  • You cannot do without the services of locksmiths if the lock is broken and you cannot get home. We can open any type of door. If you need a lock change, it can be completed on the same visit.
  • Lock designs which are very outdated. Changing locks to BS3621 approved products is one way to make things harder for burglars.

Why Should You Choose Our Locksmith Company?

  • The locksmith will arrive in any part of the city within 30 minutes.
  • We employ only trusted locksmiths with extensive experience.
  • We bear full responsibility for the quality of the locksmith services.
  • We are members of the Master Locksmiths Association.
  • Locksmith services are provided in full compliance with UK laws.
  • Lock change of any complexity.
  • The consultation is free, and there is no call out charge.
  • The services cost is determined after diagnostics.
  • Large selection of BS3621 approved products, including mortice deadlock, night latch, and euro lock cylinder.
  • Our locksmiths have all the necessary equipment for high-quality lock replacement.

We have been providing lock change services for over 12 years. Locksmiths have installed more than 200 000 door lock systems.

Classification of Door Locks

There are all kinds of BS3621 standard locks on the market that differ in design, features, and cost. In order to replace your locks wisely, it is necessary to understand how the modifications are arranged, which lock cylinders provide the highest degree of home protection, and for which tasks various options of locks are suitable. All types of locks are usually classified according to two criteria: the method of installation and mechanism.

Mortice Locks

The case of a mortise lock is installed completely inside the door, thereby preserving its appearance. Such models also have weaknesses – installation requires certain skills. In addition, a mortice deadlock can compromise the door’s integrity. Therefore, it is recommended for use only in metal structures. Despite the shortcomings, it is mortise lock mechanisms that are most widespread in our country. 5-lever mortice sash lock is a variation that has a latch and bolt to open and close the lock. If you need to choose a replacement lock for the front door, you should be guided by several simple principles:

  • One good BS3621 approved lock will protect your property better than several cheap locks.
  • Two good locks will protect even better.
  • A good lock on a bad door will retain only itself, but not the door or apartment.
  • If you install two locks, they must be of different types; for example, a 5 lever and cylinder lock.
  • It is better to consider the security requirements before changing your locks.

Cylinder Rim Locks (Yale)

Yale locks have several pins of different lengths installed in a row. When the correct key is inserted into the lock, its notches raise the pins to different heights so that in the end, all the pins line up in an even row allowing the cylinder to start free rotation, thus opening the bolt.

The modern cylinder lock was invented in the 19th century by Linus Yale, an American of British descent, a relative of one of the founders of Yale University. Now the device is called Yale lock, and Yale company has become one of the leaders in the market of cylinder locks.

High-security euro cylinder lock models are anti-snap devices designed and tested to protect against forced entry method called lock snapping, which essentially involves breaking the lock into two parts. Such locks are commonly found on UPVC door profiles.

Cost of Locks Replacement Service

All mechanisms deteriorate over time; this also applies to door locks, which loosen and fail at the most inopportune moment. Having difficulties with a key stuck in the keyhole? No problem – MLA approved locksmith will carry out all the work on the most favourable terms. The cost of door lock replacement varies depending on several factors, including the manufacturer. By choosing our locksmith company, you can be sure of the lowest locksmith prices.

Factors That Affect Lock Change Price

The cost of lock replacement varies depending on the characteristics of the door structure, mechanism model, and total amount of work. The exact cost of the lock change service is determined after the locksmith visits the site and assesses the overall situation. Lock replacement in the UPVC door will cost about £35. The cost to change a garage door lock starts from £40. If you want the lock replacement to be performed as reliably as possible, make sure to contact an experienced locksmith. The process is as follows:

  • Call out and the arrival of the locksmith.
  • Disassembly of the existing lock.
  • Inspection of an insertion slot.
  • Installation of new locks.

Our locksmith company gives a guarantee for the lock change performed and the installed products. We offer the most favourable conditions without compromising the quality of work. Visit of the locksmith is free!

Which Lock to Install?

Burglar-proof standard locks of the first and second class have become popular with our customers. They are usually mounted on the doors of residential real estate. The cost of these locks is relatively inexpensive. You can learn more about the cost of various models from the locksmiths on-site.

Do not contact dubious locksmiths that lure by low prices. Often, you will receive poor quality services and pay call out charges. We give the estimated price for lock change prior to the provision of locksmith services; all the details are always agreed upon with the client in advance. Our locksmiths offer accurate work and an individual approach in matters related to the lock change.


Home security is one of the most important aspects; it applies to any place where an intruder can get in and steal something. Most often, a thief gets inside through a window, so it is of great importance to reinforce window locks. The development of the windows industry does not stand still, so there is a variety of protection options. A high-quality plastic profile is very difficult or impossible to crack.

Popular Solutions

Intruders often squeeze one of the sashes of the window block to enter a room. The security issue can be solved if you change locks. The special hard metal plate of anti-burglary fittings prevents the window handle from being drilled out. For complete protection, it is recommended to install reinforced, protected hinges.

Manufacturers offer several models of protected UPVC profiles. They differ in price and security class. The higher the window class, the more difficult it is for a thief to deal with it. The following types of products can be found on sale:

  • Basic models – Windows are closed as usual. The handle is equipped with a mechanism that can be locked from the inside.
  • Enhanced security WK1 – Such windows have special mechanisms that provide more security and can’t be opened with conventional tools.
  • Higher security level WK 2 – These structures take a lot of time to break, giving the owners an opportunity to catch intruders.
  • The highest quality window burglary protection WK3 – Such models have additional locking pins that can withstand entry from attackers that use a crowbar, hammer, etc.


Doors are designed to protect the premises. It is impossible to achieve the best results if the lock does not work properly. Lock replacement can be troublesome and expensive. In most cases, it is cheaper to repair the locks of the entrance doors. If you try to open and repair a lock, there are no guarantees that everything will work out. Therefore, it is better to skip experiments and entrust the task to an experienced locksmith. Whether it’s a patio door lock or garage door locks, we’ve got you covered every inch of the way.

replacing a yale lock

How to Determine if a Door Lock Needs Repair?

A homeowner may not even suspect that the lock is broken. Most people turn to the locksmiths for a lock change or repair at a point when it has failed completely. Keep in mind, a hard to turn key is direct evidence of an impending breakdown. The first warning signs are jamming and grinding noises of unknown origin when operating the mechanism.

Common Problems

Statistics show that every second property owner requires repair of locks. The problems are mostly associated with the flaws in the design of locks. The installation of an expensive British Standard lock doesn’t always guarantee its long-term use. The service life is largely dependent on operating conditions. The smallest debris inside the keyhole can disrupt the correct functioning of the mortice lock.  Call us if you need to resolve the following problems:

  • Bends and deformations of the lock’s interior.
  • Blockages in the keyhole.
  • Corrosion of components.
  • Violations of spring integrity.

Lock Repair Stages

Before proceeding with the repairs, locksmiths must first determine whether the lock is really the fault of the front door malfunction using a visual and technical inspection. If the assumption is correct, the locks are repaired as follows:

  • Removal of the lock from the door for further restoration work.
  • Disassembly of the mechanism.
  • Inspection of the cylinder lock.
  • Diagnostics.

Quality & Efficiency

There are no traces of intervention left on the door upon completion of the process. We can eliminate the skew, change the upholstery and design features. If you are locked out of the premises, the lock is opened first with the subsequent restoration of the locking mechanism’s functionality. Remember, it is almost impossible to return the lock back to working condition if unqualified attempts were made to open a locked mechanism.

Orders are executed as soon as possible after the receipt of an application from the client. The locksmith arrives at the site with all the tools necessary for the repair. Diagnostics take a few minutes. Locksmiths have rich experience and deep knowledge in the field of mechanics restoring surface-mounted and mortice lock mechanisms of domestic and foreign production. Any lock can be fixed at an affordable price.

Lock Repair Prices

Do not rush to replace the lock if its technical malfunction prevents you from entering the premises. If you decide to change locks, Master Locksmiths Association recommends consulting with a specialist first. In a majority of cases, repairs cost a lot less than the purchase of new locks. Use the services of our locksmith company, and you will receive quality work on the repair of locks.

Affordable Locksmith

Our locksmith costs are among the most competitive in Leeds; once agreed with the client, the price will never change, and there are no hidden fees. The locksmith in your area is available around the clock, and you lose nothing by contacting us; there is no call out charge. The cost is determined after diagnosing a malfunction. All locks differ in their structure, affecting the specifics of work. For example, the repair prices for garage locks and euro cylinder locks start at £35 and £40, respectively.

You do not need to worry about the subtleties of the process – the locksmith will perform all work on favourable terms. We will perform lock change with the most suitable option if the repair’s feasibility is in question. You will have peace of mind and confidence in the safety of your property.

Affordable Locksmith

Lock Replacement or Repair?

Consult with an MLA approved locksmith before deciding to install a new lock. In many cases, it is possible to restore the functionality of your product at no extra cost. Our price for the repair of locks will delight you with its affordability.

Of course, the choice is yours, and you can always change the locks. But expensive BS3621 models are much easier to repair in order to further enjoy their reliability. Use our locksmith services if you want to secure your home and property. We carry out the repair of locks with a guarantee!


We strive to ensure that our work gives a good result and takes place at the highest level, which involves opening locks without damaging the door. A reliable lock is an excellent means of protecting property, but it can cause many seemingly insoluble problems. We can be trusted to open a lock of any complexity. Each emergency locksmith in our crew, on average, opens more than 70 locks per month.

Damage-Free Gain of Entry

Most people give preference to high-quality and durable door lock systems, which are sometimes of particular complexity and cannot be repaired in the event of a breakdown. Some resort to opening the lock on their own using a hammer or crowbar. In such a case, owners run the risk of further aggravating the situation and eventually spending more money on repairs. Contact our emergency locksmith if you are interested in the professional opening of locks without damage.

Our Advantages

  • Arrival at any place in Leeds within 30 minutes.
  • Quick response to emergencies.
  • Free consultation.
  • No call out charges.
  • Flexible pricing policy.
  • The most modern professional-grade equipment.
  • Large selection of high-quality components and lock models.
  • Practical skills and knowledge of various locks.
  • Local locksmiths.
  • Around-the-clock availability.
  • Full range of locksmith services, including lock change and repair.

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    Louis Williams
    Louis Williams
    I’m glad that I’ve found this company. Their locksmith arrived quickly and opened 2 locks in a matter of minutes. I thought my locks were reliable, but the locksmith proved me wrong. I consulted with him on the range of high-security locking devices and chose one. It was installed without reworking the door for which I'm very grateful. Hope anyone who calls them has the same positive experience.
    Chloe Shah
    Chloe Shah
    I have already contacted this company twice and never had any problems! Many thanks to Tony and Daniel. The consultation was free. They did everything very carefully and offered a huge selection of locks! I was very pleased with their punctuality and work ethics. It only took them 20 minutes to arrive at my place. I wish you success and prosperity!
    Mauricio Norvell
    Mauricio Norvell
    I ordered an emergency door opening service from local Leeds locksmith. We waited about 20 minutes for locksmith’s arrival. The opening itself took him only 15 minutes. David opened the lock with minimal damage, and the door itself remained completely intact. It cost a few pounds to repair the lock after opening; we went with his recommendations, as it was much cheaper than buying a new lock. This company inspires confidence
    Long Merchant
    Long Merchant
    Someone filled my door lock with glue, and it had to be changed. Oliver arrived in 30 minutes and changed the lock in just 5 minutes. He also advised me to replace my locks with more secure models, for which I am very grateful. The cost for the lock itself and for all the work was very affordable. If necessary, now I know whom to call in case of a problem with locks. Many thanks to this great staff.
    Angelina  Matthews
    Angelina Matthews
    These guys have a great selection of locks. The locksmith replaced one in my apartment door. He installed a new lock of the same dimensions as the old one, so the door didn’t have to be reworked
    Kimberly Lynn
    Kimberly Lynn
    Nice to have them nearby. Otherwise, I would have stood out in the cold a lot longer than just 25 minutes it took for the locksmith to drive out to my house and open the door. I’m very grateful for the fast response.
    Martha E Villarreal
    Martha E Villarreal
    Called them to install an additional lock on my front door. The manager familiarized me with different models, and we scheduled an appointment. So far, everything is working perfectly
    Thomasine Lambert
    Thomasine Lambert
    We needed to fix the lock or change it quickly. My wife and I realized it right before leaving for vacation, with 3 hours remaining until the flight. I called several companies, many of them refused, others couldn’t come on such short notice. This company responded promptly and politely. An hour later, locksmith Jacob was already at my place. He performed the lock replacement fast and gave qualified advice. Thank you very much! It's nice to know that there are such professionals nearby whom I can rely on.
    Aidan Randall
    Aidan Randall
    This company helped me out after my purse was stolen, which contained keys to the apartment. Fortunately, they were able to open my door without any problems in less than 20 minutes. For security reasons, I decided to replace locks after an emergency opening. The locksmith did that as well on the same visit. Overall, I had a great experience and recommend them to anyone in a similar situation.
    Mans Yand
    Mans Yand
    I've dealt with these guys on a few occasions. Great service every time. Customer support throughout the whole process. Once, I was concerned about the reliability of my locks against picking. Called this company for consultation. Their manager familiarized me with different security systems on the market, and we scheduled an appointment. A specialist was at my place right on time. After changing the door locks, he gave me tips on maintenance and care. Everything works flawlessly. I hope others will have the same experience.